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Explore Our Offered Range Of Flow Meter Manufacturer,Ultrasonic Flow Meter, Data Monitoring Systems, Diesel Pumps, Mechanical Diesel Flow Meters, Oval Gear Diesel Flow Meters, Lubrication Equipment & Other Items...
About Us

Nectar is an Instrumentation & Automation company that caters to various industrial sectors such as Automobile, Medical, Pharma, Chemical, Oil, Sugar, Steel, Beverages, Construction, and so on, to transform INDIAN MANUFACTURING to create an ambiance, become an engine of manufacturing growth, go on to become Global Icons, and develop truly indigenous products, building the Brand Identity of India, and achieving for the MAKE IN INDIA and ATMA NIRBHARA BHARAT.

Our Quality Control Department

Our products meet international standards, ensuring dependability, efficiency, perfect performance, and long-term durability. Our principals and we adhere to a strict quality policy to maintain our dedication to excellent quality.
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Product Gallery
Products Offered

Nectar Engineers offers instruments as one of the best industrys broadest lines of Sensors, Switches and Transmitters to measure and control:

  • Flow- Flow Meters- Water & Diesel (Type- Digital & Mechanical)
  • Level- Sensors, Switches, Transmitters
  • Pressure - Transmitter
  • Telemetry on Line system- SIM Based

A Professional Team

Our highly professional Marketing, Sales, and Engineering department have constantly been creating marketing strategies based on the Seven P Formula, which is used to re-evaluate and continuously evaluate the business activities and product needs of our customers. Our business activities focus on prompt services, customization, and innovation to match the product of the specific need of our customers, as well as provide low-cost solutions.

Addition of Value

Our supplied range includes state-of-the-art technology, superior quality, and expert consulting. Furthermore, our service team is devoted to the end-users even after the purchase, ensuring that their measurement can be used indefinitely without issues. We are ready to bring the measuring business of our customers back on track, whether maintenance, commissioning, or repair after years of use.

Tomorrow's communique must continually unlearn past accomplishments and develop new ways. We must build new ways of breakthrough thinking to add and generate new value, to find and meet client needs- we focus on the requirements of our customers and them.

The customers can send unsolicited requests to us with comprehensive application materials/inquiries and specific information about the requirements of the product.

UDYAM MSME Certificate
ISO 9001-2015 Certificate